• Alan Simpson Dances Gangnam Style [VIDEO]

    Former Senator Alan Simpson has a message for America's youth: help reduce the deficit or he's going to keep dancing Gangnam Style with his soda can sidekick…

    Sadly, this only barely qualifies as the most desperate appropriation of a meme by "The Can Kicks Back," a project that describes the debt as "too damn high." It's also unclear if the effort is about getting the government's fiscal affairs in order or a weird multi-level marketing pyramid scheme…

    Recruit at least three new supporters each week from now through President Obama’s inauguration (1/21);

    Ask these supporters to do the same: three new people, every week — so that every person who is recruited becomes a recruiter;

    (If 150 people start the challenge in week one, we could have as many as 2.5 million supporters by week eight. That's the power of each of us recruiting three people a week!)

    We're one week away from Alan Simpson showing up with one of his recruits at your door, selling a set of knives.

    Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images/Getty Images

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