• Sorry Revolution PAC Wasted Your Money, Ron Paul Fans

    Ron Paul ran one of the more transparent and fiscally responsible presidential campaigns, carefully reporting expenditures and focusing his spending on insane TV ads instead of wasting it on consultants. The same can't be said for some of his Super PAC "supporters." ┬áThe first warning sign should have been when not a single solicitation asked for the donations to be made in gold…

    Revolution PAC raised $1.2 million by pitching itself as a booster for Texas Representative Ron Paul's run for president. Under the direction of Gary Franchi, the group spent $1 million, 83 percent of its cash, on administrative expenses, including about $153,000 for himself and his companies. A $1,766 monthly fee for "office rent" went to a Franchi company whose address is a mailbox at a Northbrook, Illinois, UPS Store. Franchi said in an interview there is a physical location for the companies, declining to give its address "for privacy reasons."

    This is part of a broader phenomenon: the behavior of the Super PAC reflects the personality of its founders. The "We are the 99% Movement" Super PAC? Their last FEC report showed them $10,000 in debt, appropriate in so many ways. Sheldon Adelson-funded PACs? Ignored the odds, bet everything on red and wasted millions.

    Trust a PAC run by an especially conspiratorial libertarian who also happens to be a 9/11 Truther? Don't be surprised if Randian ethical egoism inspires him to steal all your money.

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