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    The Pope (@pontifex) joined Twitter this week, but according to the Vatican he won't start tweeting until December 12. In the meantime people have tweeted thousands of questions at him, using the #askpontifex hashtag.

    Jesus only waited three days to rise from the dead, so Twitter shouldn't have to wait until next week for answers to pressing questions of faith…

    Dear Joyce Carol Oates: No. @pontifex is never embarrassed. If he embarrassed easily he would not go out in public wearing the things he does.

    Dear Daniel Hardcastle: Technically it's a city-state.

    Dear Michel Archange: According to En Vogue, "No high powered scholar, high paid by the hour / Could come up with the answers to this complex question." Sounds like @pontifex may not be able to help you.

    Dear Liliana Farinetti: A good way to divert invading Catholics is to tell them there's a one-day-only Advent calendar sale… over there.

    Dear Jesus Was An Alien: Chocolate-chip cookies are delicious. God is omniscient. There's a difference.

    Dear Kevin Adams: Buy them cats.

    Dear Matt Dodge: You are going to Hell.

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