• Dump Trump Protests Fill Macy's Facebook Page

    Macy's partnership with Donald Trump includes investments in his clothing line and Trump the Fragrance, a perfume for those wondering what a combination of eau de horseshit and megalomania smells like. Unsurprisingly, not everyone is happy about the relationship between Macy's and one of America's worst people.

    In addition to a 677,000-strong petition urging Macy's to sever ties with Trump, shoppers have taken to Macy's Facebook page and threatened to boycott the store, which means they are simultaneously committing an act of Christmas charity by giving Trump the gift of attention…

    "Please dump Trump. Macy's has always been synonymous with "class" to me and that guy is such a walking sleazebag. He is dragging your good name down. I've got the scissors right here and I will be cutting my card in half shortly if this clown stays around."

    "I usually buy most of my Christmas presents at Macy's because of their good deals and wonderful quality. However, I have not spent one dime there this season because of this bully. I usually buy the $35 Christmas card also, but nothing now. Too bad because I know of so many who are doing the same. I love Macy's but can't stand what this man stands for. I'm disappointed Macy's supports him."

    "Take out the trash and dump Trump! He has tarnished your image and ruined Macy's reputation."

    This might break new ground for The Donald, who usually sticks to bankrupting his own businesses. If he insists on bankrupting other people's companies, Mitt Romney is never going to find a new job.

    For now, Macy's has resisted calls to get rid of Trump, but as he should have taught them by now, there are some problems you can't comb over.

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