• Mitt Romney Will Never Escape the 47%

    Much as Mitt Romney haunts America, the number 47 has been hounding the man who was born in 1947, lost the presidency to a man who was elected to the White House at the age of 47, once governed the state ranked 47th in job creation and has been declared robota non grata by his own party thanks to tone-deaf remarks about 47% of Americans and his subsequent drubbing at the polls.

    According to the ongoing popular vote count, Romney did win the votes of 47.31% of Americans, whose loyalty he's maintained. The latest Politico/GW poll found 24% of Americans with a strongly favorable opinion of Romney, 23% with a somewhat favorable opinion, 14% somewhat viewed him somewhat unfavorably and 33% had a strongly unfavorable view. In other words, 47-47%.

    (h/t Brooklyn Mutt)

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