• Slate Is Wrong About Grapefruit

    Slate grapefruitPopular Internet web-log Slate is known for its politics reporter/youthful dreamboat Dave Weigel, and for adhering to a strict editorial policy of being contrarian about absolutely everything. This is a website that once ran a piece entitled "Creed Is Good," for god's sake.

    But today, Slate, today you have gone too far.

    Katy Waldman writes, under the headline "Grapefruit Is Disgusting":

    Grapefruit is unwieldy, disgusting, and in some cases dangerous to eat. It is indisputably the worst fruit anyone has ever put on a plate. [...] It belongs in the trashcan.

    So please, if you were even remotely thinking about shipping a box of grapefruit to someone you love for the holidays, kindly desist.

    This is wrong. And it when the mainstream media gets it wrong, either about WMDs or grapefruits, it is our duty as citizens to tell the truth.

    Waldman's complaints about grapefruit can be summarized in three points: it's "hard to eat," it "tastes disgusting" and it can interfere with certain medications.

    OK. Sure, grapefruits take some work to eat. So does lobster. So do those marvelous crabs they have in Baltimore, the ones they steam with Old Bay and dump on a table in front of you. Does this mean we should stop eating those things, too? Also, contrary (two can play this game, Slate!) to Waldman's belief, grapefruit spoons are neither elitist nor difficult to find. Here is one for $3.95.

    Point two, grapefruit "tastes disgusting." Well, no, it does not. It is delicious. You can eat it plain or put brown sugar or honey on it, or make this salad, which is amazing, even if you replace the dry mustard with regular mustard because who keeps dry mustard in the house.

    As for the medication issue, apparently grapefruit can interfere with the absorption of certain medications, so people who take these medications should be careful and follow their doctors' instructions. For those of us who do not take medications that are affected by grapefruit, this is a non-issue.

    In conclusion: Slate is wrong about Creed, wrong about grapefruit and wrong for America.

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