• Barbara Walters Asks Chris Christie if America Is Ready for a Fat President

    What I like about Barbara Walters is she's not afraid to ask the tough questions, no matter how inane or tree-related they are. She says what we're all thinking but don't say because we're afraid people will think we're dumb.

    And one day, when Walters is honored with a lifetime achievement award, this interview in which she calls Chris Christie fat to his face will be the best part of the clip reel.

    Skip to 1:50 for the Chris Christie clip. Or just start at the beginning– Barbara Walters asking Hillary Clinton about her hair is equally ridiculous:

    If anything, Chris Christie's weight is a plus (more like a XXL-plus, am I right?). America hasn't had a truly fat president since William Howard Taft. It'd be kind of fun to have a throwback president–very retro, very hip (more like love handles, am I right?).

    Besides, once the Republican primaries got through with Christie, his biggest problem wouldn't be having the body of a president from the early 1900s. It would be having the ideals and morals of a president from the early 1900s.

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