• Chicago to Demolish Ronald Reagan's Home

    Raised in the rural Illinois townships of Dixon and Tampico, Ronald Reagan seems to have accumulated a nearly endless supply of childhood homes by also spending ten-month stint in Chicago. He'd be just like Mitt Romney, were it not for the transience, insecure family life and general lack of privilege.

    Now the least-famous of these buildings, a six-story Hyde Park flat, is about to be torn down after the Commission on Chicago Landmarks turned down an application to have it preserved.

    Who is behind the demolition? None other than the University of Chicago, former academic home of Barack Obama–yes, THAT Barack Obama–and a possible site for Obama's presidential library.

    To make matters worse, the pseudo-historic structure isn't even going to be replaced with something Reagan could appreciate, like a missile battery or a jelly bean factory, but with a grassy strip that will border an expanded University of Chicago Medical Center.

    The University's plans have prompted strong reactions from the right and the left. In fact, this is the rare case where liberal preservationists and conservative Reagan worshipers can reach an agreement. Nothing would pay better tribute to Reagan's legacy than a vacant house in an inner-city neighborhood.

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