• Coming Soon to Michigan's Gun-Free Zones: Guns

    The end of a lame duck legislative session is always a harried time for state lawmakers as they scramble to pass bills before their terms expire. It's a lot like Cinderella, except instead of dancing with a prince, legislators pass abortion bans. And at term's end, instead of carriages turning back into pumpkins, politicians turn into lobbyists.

    So it was in Michigan, where GOP lawmakers, concerned about their diminished majorities in the coming legislative session, stayed up until 4:30 in the morning to pass a raft of legislation for Gov. Rick Snyder's signature.

    On top of a right-to-work law Snyder signed on Tuesday, legislators adopted one of the country's most restrictive abortion regulations, renewed an emergency managers law that voters had rejected in a referendum just months before, passed property tax cuts and moved one step closer to re-branding "gun-free" zones as places where the government gives out free guns:

    Changes to the concealed weapons law passed the state House and Senate late Thursday, allowing trained gun owners to carry their weapons in formerly forbidden places, such as schools, day care centers, stadiums and churches.

    Many people are going to be alarmed by this, but remember, it's too early to talk about the potential consequences of this law. And if some tragedy were to happen, it will be "too soon" to discuss the policy ramifications. And lest you get too uppity about holding your lawmakers accountable for passing such crazy laws: among the measures approved last night were "bills that make it tougher to recall state lawmakers." Yep, they thought of everything.

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