• Meet Tim Scott, Your New Jim DeMint

    Earlier this month Jim DeMint announced he was leaving the Senate in January to run the Heritage Foundation, perhaps because the Wingnuts of America Foundation isn't hiring.

    This meant that South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley got to pick someone to replace him, and today she will announce her choice: Rep. Tim Scott, a Tea Partier who joined Congress during the Republican midterm victory in 2010. What is his deal?

    * In a conversation with Tea Party Express TV during his Congressional campaign, Scott explained that as a young man he was mentored by a Chik-Fil-A franchise owner, who taught him that "if your philosophy is the American government is somehow gonna help you, you're gonna build a pretty bad life."

    * According to his official Facebook page, Tim Scott's mission is "To restore the principles that have made America great."

    * His Twitter account is bland, conservative. Chuck Grassley does not have to worry about losing the title of Senate's Best Twitterer.

    * We do not know if God is on Tim Scott's side. We do know that there is a "prayer team" on Tim Scott's side.

    * From a 2010 profile: "At 44, Scott is a lifelong bachelor with no hobbies except working out and an occasional game of flag football."

    * Tim Scott has joined the conversation about guns! Here is his contribution, from his website:

    The Constitution grants all law-abiding Americans the right to bear arms, regardless of what some would lead you to believe. Our Second Amendment right is a fundamental freedom and a cornerstone of our democracy.

    As Americans, we have the right to defend ourselves, our families and our property, and the federal government should never interfere with this right. I’ve cosponsored more than half a dozen bills protecting the rights of gun owners, including the Firearms Interstate Commerce Reform Act and the National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act.

    I remain steadfast in my commitment to uphold our Second Amendment rights.

    * His name is an anagram for Cost Mitt. HMMMM.

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