• 13 Things Americans Banned in 2012

    We live in the land of the free, which means we're free to ban just about anything we don't like. In 2012 Americans dropped the ban hammer on public nuisances from goose livers to "gateway sexual activity."

    13. Styrofoam containers
    Styrofoam containers banned
    PhotoAlto/James Hardy/Getty Images
    Sorry, residents of certain towns in California and Massachusetts. You'll have to carry your pad thai home in your pockets.


    12. Panhandling
    Colorado Springs panhandling ban
    Douglas Graham/Roll Call/Getty Images
    It's unclear if this Colorado Springs ban extends to politicians.


    11. Foie gras
    Foie gras
    Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images
    California banned the sale of foie gras because it is gross cruel to birds.


    10. Learning about "gateway sexual activity"
    Jim Dyson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
    Let's hope Ke$ha wasn't planning on playing Tennessee any time soon.


    9. Cursing
    Swear button
    Steven Puetzer/Workbook Stock/Getty Images
    This Massachusetts law is f***ing stupid.


    8. Hoodies
    Kid in hoodie
    Inti St. Clair/Digital Vision/Getty Images
    Where did you think the word 'hoodlum' comes from?


    7. Loud TV commercials
    Loud TV commercials
    PM Images/Iconica/Getty Images
    But… but… how will we know if those certified pre-owned cars are a deal, deal, deal?


    6. Plastic bags
    Plastic bags banned
    Marwood Jenkins/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images
    Do you ever feel like a plastic bag / If you actually are one, you're banned in Los Angeles.


    5. Insurance companies being a**holes
    health care trap
    Hugh Threlfall/Photolibrary/Getty Images
    They'll probably still find a way.


    4. Bath salts
    bath salts
    Fabrice Lerouge/Onoky/Getty Images
    The federal government banned the kind of bath salts that make people go crazy and attack other people, inadvertently causing a real headache for lifestyle stock photography agencies.


    3. American-sized sodas
    Giant soda
    Mario Tama/Getty Images News/Getty Images
    New York, New York! If you make it here, you can't order a 20-ounce soda.


    2. Wearing birthday suits in public

    Max Whittaker/Getty Images News/Getty Images
    In San Francisco, of all places.


    1. Happy hour
    Happy hour
    Assembly/Digital Vision/Getty Images
    We'd tell Utah residents to drown their sorrows about this, but…

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