• It Takes an American Eagle to Snatch a Baby

    For those of us who wanted to believe, it came as sad news that this "Golden Eagle Snatches Kid" video was a hoax concocted by students at Centre NAD in Montreal. We should have been suspicious from the start: a Canadian eagle wouldn't so much as flutter a hair on a baby's head without squawking a profuse apology in English and French, as required by Canadian law.

    No, to snatch a baby, it takes a powerful eagle. A manly eagle. An American eagle. History proves it:

    April 22, 1882. The Denver Tribune via The New York Times

    While the little one was playing in the yard the eagle swooped down and fastening its talons in the baby's back, tried to soar aloft. The burden was too heavy, however, and when about four feet from the ground, the eagle let go its hold…

    September 24, 1888. The New York Times reports…

    A dispatch from Wichita, Kan., says: The baby of a farmer, William Beattie, who lives on the Cimarron River, north of the Territory line, was carried off by an eagle Saturday…In about an hour the sound of the shot summoned the searchers together. One of the men had found the eagle and was engaged in conflict with it. He had emptied his gun at the big bird and broken a wing and was using his gun as a club when reinforcements arrived. The eagle fluttered into the bush, and then the father saw his infant dead, the body badly lacerated.

    July 7, 1913. The Washington Post

    Only the brave fight put up by Mrs. Martin Hunsicke., of Geneganslet, Chenango county prevented her son.William, 4 years old, being carried away, or at least injured,an eagle 'this afternoon. The child was playing near the house when the bird swooped, fastening its talons in his hair. The boy screamed, and the mother catching up a stick, beat off the eagle. The big bird at first gave battle, then suddenly released its hold, and soared away.

    August 11, 1928. The New York Times

    Grasping his 2-year-old brother by the ankle as a large eagle swooped down to­day and seized the  child in its talons, the five-year-old son of Guy Lyons of Straight Bay [Lubec, Maine] wrenched the child from the bird's grasp as the mother of the boys ran from the house upon hearing their screams.

    February 8, 1963. The Buckingham Post

    In New Mexico recently a farmer said that an eagle pounced on to his two year old son in his pram, buried its talons in his thick woolen coat and began lifting him.

    You've been warned, Canada: no more hoaxes, or we release our eagles.

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