• NRA Blames Violence on NRA-Endorsed Video Games

    The NRA's message at today's press conference was simple: guns don't kill people, everything else in the world kills people.

    According to NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre, Nikki Minaj kills people ("A thousand music videos portray life as a joke…and then they have the nerve to call it entertainment"), gun control kills people (gun-free school zones "tell every insane killer… that schools are the safest place to inflict maximum mayhem at minimum risk"), movies kill people ("blood-soaked films"), hurricanes kill people, celebrities kill people, the media kills people, Obama kills people and, perhaps most of all, video games kill people.

    LaPierre even name-checked Mortal Kombat, which did cause that rash of spine-ripping finishing moves we experienced in the mid-90s (nobody seemed to report this, perhaps because the media was so busy killing people). However, he failed to explain why video-game obsessed Japan has almost no gun violence, while regions governed by Moral Majoritarians like the Taliban are less than pacific.

    Really, the only way the NRA could have done a better job at shooting themselves in the foot with a military-grade caliber of stupidity would be if the NRA also endorsed the type of video games they blame for mass killings because they glamorize assault weapons. Guess what? They do!

    In the NRA's defense, they are really, really terrible video games.

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