• Republicans Give John Boehner Something to Cry About

    Even after John Boehner loaded up "Plan B" with a Christmas tree of right-wing ornaments — cuts to Obamacare, cuts to food stamps, tort reform — the most ardent conservatives in his caucus abandoned him, refusing him the 218 votes needed for passage. So he cried. Then he withdraw the proposal and sent the House home for Christmas rather than face a┬áhumiliating┬ádefeat on the House floor.

    Plan B — Boehner's alternative to actually negotiating with Barack Obama and patching together a narrow bipartisan majority in the House — would have raised taxes on millionaires, while extending Bush-era tax rates on everyone else. Since this plan stood no chance in the Senate and would have faced a presidential veto, it was widely described as "political theater."

    Hopefully, the House GOP learned a lesson from this meltdown: running any kind of theater without the help of gay people is bound to be an epic fail.

    Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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