• Indecision's Person of the Year 2012: Ben Romney

    Ben Romney person of the year 2012

    In a year marked by giant egos striding across the national stage, one man stood out for not standing out at all, if he even showed up in the first place. His family was subjected to the sort of scrutiny that only befalls presidential candidates and Lindsay Lohan, yet he remained a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in shiny teeth. For that, Ben Romney, you are Comedy Central's Indecision's Person of the Year.

    What more can we say about this majestic, unknowable creature?

    Ben Romney and brothers
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    If the Romney sons had a private family yearbook, Ben would be voted "Most Likely to Lurk in the Background with His Hands in His Pockets."


    Ben Romney rally
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    Sometimes, when he's attending rallies, Ben Romney's mind wanders. Where does it wander? Nobody will ever know.


    via Ben Romney's Facebook page
    Behold him, single at the mountain / Yon solitary Romney son!


    Ben Romney didn't stay out of the campaign entirely. In October, after the vice presidential debate, he called in to Washington-based radio station WMAL, where he demonstrated that his laugh is a lot like his dad's, but less stiff ("hah hah hah," as opposed to "ha, ha, ha"). He also proved he's handy with an anecdote. When asked to give an example of his father's frugality, he responded, "If a pair of ski gloves is worn out, he'll put duct tape on 'em." Relatable!


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    Ben Romney had the good sense not to join his brothers for a photo op with Donald Trump. Ben Romney is a hero.


    Ben Romney is bored
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    The rough and tumble of politics means nothing to Ben Romney. His emotions are unstirred. He will wear the matching outfit, though, because he's a team player.


    via Ben Romney's Facebook page
    Lest you fear that Ben Romney lives a lonely, friendless life, here he is holding hands with his lovely wife Andelynne.


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    "Hi there! Nice to meet you! Fantastic! Say, you look familiar. Are you from Utah?"


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    What we wouldn't give to spend ten minutes alone with Ben Romney, just to ask what his deal is.


    Ben Romney went on Conan with his brothers to engage in a few minutes of light banter so people would vote for their dad. Obviously, going on a show like this means some good-natured joking will ensue, but nobody in the audience was prepared for the following exchange:

    Conan: Your parents have- all of you guys, all boys. So my question is, is one of you a girl being raised as a boy?

    Josh (without hesitating): Ben, you wanna take this one?

    Ben Romney would've been fully entitled to slap the smug grin off Josh's face, right there on national television, but instead he did what Ben Romney does best during campaign events: chuckled awkwardly and looked uncomfortable. He didn't even say anything after Andy Richter tried to save the moment by suggesting he shouldn't have worn the purple tie.

    Ben Romney isn't going to play your silly games, nor is he confined by your gender-normative neckwear rules. He knew his purple tie looked sharp.


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    In the wake of Rosengate (aka SAHMgate), Ben Romney took to Facebook to post a tribute to his mom, writing: "I was just one out of five, but always felt like I was the most important thing in her life." That is really sweet. It is also a lie. Ann Romney is #teamjosh like everyone else.


    via @richard_walters on Twitter
    A rare sighting of Ben Romney in the field campaigning for his dad. Here he chats with a Pennsylvania voter, who probably has no idea who this nice young man with Tagg is.

    Your turn! Share your tributes to Ben Romney in the comments–or tell us who else we should have picked as 2012's Person of the Year. (Not you, TIME Magazine employees, we already know who you picked.)

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