• What Should We Call the Milk Cliff?

    Unless Congress reauthorizes the current milk price support program that expires on December 31st, a 1949 dairy price support law will go into effect, sharply raising prices for consumers while guaranteeing a financial windfall for dairy interests.

    Much like the fiscal cliff, keeping the old law on the books was meant to goad Congress into passing a new farm bill, but if congressional incompetence remains more powerful than the dairy trigger, prices could rise to $6 or $8 per gallon. You can call it the milk cliff, or see what else the Internet hive-mind has come up with:

    1. The Dairy Cliff

    2. Udder Disaster (h/t Todd Zwillich)

    3. The Big Spoil (h/t Benjy Sarlin)

    4. The Lactose Ledge

    5. Armagoudan (h/t @nklopfen)

    6. Revenge of the 2%

    7. The Lactopalypse

    8. Jumping off the Bovine Bridge

    Feel free to come up with your own if you think these aren't the crème de la crème (okay, we'll stop now.)

    Photo by Christof Koepsel/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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