• The Violence Against Women Act: Who Needs It!

    After compromising on fiscal cliff legislation, House Republicans must have been exhausted from that one thing they did sort of right. Their poor little hearts just couldn't take doing one more thing that would have a positive-ish impact on the country. That must be why they let the Violence Against Women Act expire… but maybe there are other reasons:

    1. Republicans would love to provide those additional protections for the LGBT community, undocumented immigrants and Native Americans, but what about all the violence against white men? When are we going to address that?

    2. Two of the 25 female House Republicans voted no on VAWA the last time it was up for reauthorization. They said it was because the law didn't go far enough, but still. The GOP has to be sensitive to women's opinions, and that means all of them.

    3. Eric Cantor is afraid that if we let Native American tribunals ruleĀ on cases of violence against Native women by non-Native people, every treaty we have with them will become null and void. Heck, we might even have to give all the land back. Slippery slope, look it up.

    4. But the real reason Republicans didn't pass VAWA might be the fact that even a Republican from Oklahoma is on board with it. You know what happened the last time they listened to one of those guys.

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