• The Best Chuck Hagel v. Georg Hegel Jokes

    One is a former Republican senator soon to be nominated by President Obama to lead the Department of Defense. The other was a German philosopher whose dialectical theory of history was later adopted and revised by Marxists. The Internet knew what had to be done.

    5. Andrew Exum: Once the Senate finds out about the favorable things #Hegel said about Islam in comparison to Christianity, he'll never stand a chance.

    4. Exum, again: Remember when Hegel insulted our troops by arguing that men of action are "nothing but unconscious instruments of the men of thought?"

    3. @amaeryllis: Looking forward to the new Department of Dialectic under Hegel.

    2. @InkSptsGulliver: Hegel: "To be aware of limitations is already to be beyond them." But we're still reducing Army end-strength. #hegelforsecdef

    1. Zack Beauchamp: Surprising that realists are all-in supporting #Hegel, because his idealist view of history is directly opposed to materialist accounts.

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