• U.S. Congress Less Popular Than Nickelback

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    A recent survey from Public Policy Polling takes a new tact in evaluating the unpopularity of Congress. Rather than simply asking whether people have a favorable or unfavorable view of our national legislature (only 9% view Congress favorably), PPP decided to benchmark the institution against some of the world's most loathed people and things. Our elected legislator did not fare well.

    The poll found Congress less popular than lice (67% prefer lice to 19% who prefer being infested by Congress), Brussels sprouts (69/23), the replacement refs (56/29),  colonoscopies (58/31), root canals (56/32), used car salesmen (57/32),  traffic jams (56/34), France (46/37), carnies (39/31), Nickelback (39/32), Genghis Khan (41/37), cockroaches (45/43) and even Donald Trump (44/42).

    What's less popular than Congress? Lindsey Lohan (45/41), playground bullies (43/38), and telemarketers (45/35), the Kardashians (49/36), John Edwards (45/29), lobbyists (48/30), Fidel Castro (54/32), Gonorrhea (53/28), Ebola (53/25), Communism (57/23), North Korea (61/26), and meth labs (60/21).

    It's a sad day for our republic when people would rather listen to Nickelback while being stuck in traffic in a car they bought from a French used car salesman than have to put up with Eric Cantor. Not that I blame them.

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