• Jack Lew's Signature Will Debase the Currency

    White House chief of staff Jack Lew is expected to be nominated as Secretary of the Treasury tomorrow, which is notable news for a few reasons.

    As the highest-ranking Orthodox Jew in the federal government, Lew's nomination will let conservatives take a break from complaining about Chuck Hagel's supposed anti-semitism to complain about an actual Jew who's somehow part of Obama's shady efforts to enforce Sharia law. If we're very, very lucky, some right-wing moron will make a "hilarious" joke about Jews and money, and we'll get to play the "bigotry or satire?" game all over again.

    Most importantly, by nominating a man whose signature would only be acceptable if he was an arm-less man named OooooooO, Obama is finally making good on the right-wing claim that he's debasing the currency:

    Fear not, Americans who don't want to see a cartoonish drawing of tailpipe exhaust on their official tender. When Timothy Geithner became Secretary of State, he transformed his signature from the hieroglyphic to the painstakingly readable:

    Based on the Geithner experience, we have a pretty good idea of how Lew's signature will eventually look:

    Jack Lew signature on money

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    Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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