• DEA and Secret Service Set New Standard in Cooperation

    According to an NBC report, a pair of DEA officials used their government-issued Blackberries to arrange for "sexual services" between Secret Service suits and Colombian prostitutes and — more disturbingly — attempted to destroy the evidence.

    It's a sad tale, but let's remember that ever since the 9/11 Commission bemoaned the lack of information-sharing between government agencies, cooperation has been the watchword among U.S. security officials.

    While there's a lot for the Secret Service and the Drug Enforcement Agency to be ashamed about when it comes to their behavior in Colombia, let's keep two things in mind: prostitution is legal in that country and you're not going to find a better example of inter-agency synergy than the DEA pimping for the Secret Service.

    Of course, it's sad that the Secret Service would have to rely on another government department to arrange for legal transactions, but who knows Latin American prostitutes better than the government agents responsible for coke? It would have been a model of cooperation if only Secret Service agents knew how to keep a secret.

    Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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