• Congress's Most Embarrassing Illegal Downloads

    Technology enthusiasts often complain that members of Congress regulate industries they know precious little about. You may remember these complaints, most recently, when legislators began meddling with the cat-video-streaming tubes by trying to pass the Stop Online Piracy Act.

    Whatever you thought of the ill-fated SOPA, it's simply not true that Congress doesn't know anything about bittorrents and online piracy. They are experts at it.

    According to a report by IP address-tracking service Scaneye, Congressional employees have illegally downloaded dozens of files since October. Maybe we'd be faster to forgive the hypocrisy if they had better taste in downloads, which included:

    * Season 4 of Glee

    * Season 16 of The Ultimate Fighter

    * The Smurfs 2

    * Bad Santa

    * The Ellen DeGeneres Show

    * Tron: Evolution video game

    Hopefully, there was some bipartisan cooperation when they were downloading these. If there's a torrent comment thread of SpkrJB writing "harry reid Y U no seed the smurfs?????," America will be more disappointed in our political institutions than anyone thought possible.

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