• How to Throw President Obama a Good Party

    In a press conference today, President Obama made the following comment: "Most people who know me know I'm a pretty friendly guy. And I like a good party."

    If you analyze this quote with zero context, you'll probably come to one of two conclusions: A.) The President was doing a dated, mean-spirited impression of Mitt Romney, or B.) He was summarizing the basic theme of every Black Eyed Peas song he's ever heard.

    Assuming Obama is being honest and he is not a president who hates a good party (like, say, a President Nixon or a President Grumpy Cat) the question remains, what constitutes a "good party" for President Obama?

    * Chips and salsa, paid for with taxes collected from the one percent.

    * Plenty of beer, in case he wants to throw an impromptu beer summit.

    * Beyonce. She's always invited to his parties.

    * Joe Biden is not allowed anywhere near the DJ booth, lest he play Jefferson Starship all night.

    * John Boehner is also not allowed. If he didn't let Obama raise the debt ceiling, imagine the fuss he'd make over Obama raising the roof.

    All this, of course, presumes President Obama is not referring to a political party. Everyone knows there's no such thing as a good political party.

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