• John Brennan in Trouble for Knowing Arabic

    To date, most of the opposition to President Obama's nomination of John Brennan to serve as the next director of the CIA has come from liberals, who argue that Brennan's  defense of arbitrary detention and unlimited drone warfare should disqualify him from such a post. They see him as another David Petraeus, but with a face that says, "I will definitely not be the subject of a sex scandal."

    Nevertheless, it wouldn't be an Obama nomination without some opposition from the right. Writing in the Washington Times — the newspaper whose sole positive purpose is to remind the Atlantic of what can happen when you get bought out by a cult — Frank Gaffney comes up with the most creative reason to oppose Brennan…

    Mr. Brennan is a textbook example of a U.S. official who has "gone native." He speaks Arabic and was formerly the top CIA officer in Saudi Arabia. He has shown himself to be deeply sympathetic to Islamists — for example, excusing and dissembling about their commitment to jihad and the necessity of not offending them.

    Yes, knowing anything at all about your subject brief is now grounds for suspicion. Of course, Gaffney's theory explains how the Bush administration selected its cabinet-level officials. They had to pick horse expert Michael "heckuva job" Brown to lead FEMA because if Bush had selected someone with actual experience in disaster management, that would have suggested the nominee was pro-hurricane.

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