• Did These Members of Congress Vote for Sandy Relief?

    While some members of Congress are dismissive of any federal role in disaster relief, there are plenty of others who wax eloquent about the need for emergency declarations, grants and special appropriations.

    At least when their constituents are the ones asking for money.

    "These storms caused significant damage with debris that remains to be cleared as well as significant power outages…Local governments incurred significant costs for debris removal, power restoration, and water distribution…A major disaster declaration is necessary…"Rep. Jim Renacci (R-OH) and others

    Those sound like things local governments had to deal with when Sandy struck!

    Q: So, did Rep. Renacci vote yes on the Sandy relief bill? A: No.

    "In January, I viewed the extent of the crop damage caused by the freezing temperatures. It was significant. The Federal government must now act to ensure that those producers whose livelihoods were affected by the freezing temperatures are eligible for any federal assistance available now or in the future."Rep. Gus Bilirakis (R-FL)

    This dude sounds like he's ready to go to war on behalf of damaged strawberries, imagine how sympathetic he's going to be to the plight of actual people.

    Q: Did Rep. Bilirakis vote yes on the Sandy relief bill? A: No.

    "One of America's greatest strengths is our long-standing tradition of pulling together in times of need…To date Congress has approved $62.3 billion to provide immediate help for those impacted.  This funding will be used to help provide evacuees with shelter, health care, basic necessities, unemployment insurance payments and individual disaster assistance."Rep. Doc Hastings (R-WA)

    $62.3 billion is a little more than what's being asked for to deal with Sandy. Surely he's cool with that.

    Q: Did Rep. Hastings vote yes on the Sandy relief bill? A: Nope.

    "This storm left behind a disaster — there is no doubt, and it is the responsibility of the federal government to aid the state and counties in clean-up and repairing the damage the storm caused."Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX)

    He's talking about a pretty mild tropical storm. Imagine what he'll do when a SUPERSTORM strikes the Eastern seaboard!

    Q: Did Rep. Burgess vote yes on the Sandy relief bill? A: Nope.

    "Shortly after the rains stopped, I joined my colleagues from Wisconsin to encourage President Bush to make disaster declarations for various counties in Wisconsin…This aid will offer some relief to Jefferson County residents who have endured great losses."Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI)

    Forget hurricanes or tropical storms, Sensenbrenner wants federal aid for rain victims.

    Q: Did Rep. Sensenbrenner vote yes on the Sandy relief bill? A: LOL no.

    "The disaster took an enormous toll on our economy and the Gulf's environment.  It is only fair that those hardest hit receive the relief they so desperately deserve."Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-FL)

    Representatives of Gulf states have seen Katrina, Irene and the BP disaster. They know from natural disaster.

    Q: Did Rep. Buchanan vote yes on the Sandy relief bill? A: Nope.

    "Folks across Alabama have opened their hearts and homes to help support the victims of these tragedies. This grant should help provide critical support for those most in need and, hopefully, additional assistance for our local communities where it's needed most."Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL)

    Wow, now that's an eloquent statement for federal aid to people who didn't even suffer a natural disaster but helped those who did.

    Q: Did Rep. Rogers vote yes on the Sandy relief bill? A: Hahaha. No.

    "The federal government bears a responsibility, if not a moral obligation, to assist our community with flood mitigation and recovery efforts…"Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ)

    Okay, those other guys were mealy-mouthed posers. This guy sounds like the world's number-one supporter of federal disaster aid.

    Q: Did Rep. Gosar vote yes on the Sandy relief bill? A: Noooooo.

    If you are wondering why these people behave this way, the only reasonable explanation is that they think there's a Lifetime Achievement Award for hypocrisy.

    In which case the field is way more crowded then this year's Oscars.

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