• NRA Accuses Barack Obama of Acting Like He's President [VIDEO]

    Shortly before this afternoon, when President Obama announced a series of executive orders directing federal agencies to study the mechanics of taking things from cold dead hands, the PR mavens at the NRA launched the above ad campaign.

    Did you know that the president's children have Secret Service protection that other families don't have? This is not because of various death threats spouted by kooks, terrorist wannabes and NRA-coddled gun nuts. No! It's because President Obama is an "elitist hypocrite."

    I mean, look at all the other stuff besides "security" of which non-Obamas don't receive a "fair share."

    * Ever try calling Moscow directly? It's like 14 digits. Obama get his own special phone that he doesn't even need to dial.

    * Aircraft carriers. The president has ten of those.

    * A pair of 747 jets.

    * He probably gets cookies from the White House galley whenever he wants.

    * Nuclear launch codes. Why don't you have those? Maybe it's because the president hates white people.

    * A Marine band.

    * A car that shoots tear gas.

    * Hell, when he retires, Obama is going to get a perk even rarer than global first-strike capability: a defined-benefit pension.

    It's almost like somebody lost the election and made this guy president.

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