• Currency Scandal Shocks Canada

    Pardon me, but would you mind if I told you how they do scandals in Canada?

    According to the experts, there's something un-Canadian about the design of the new $20 bill. No, it's not the visage of Queen Elizabeth, reminding everyone that even constitutional monarchies are built on a principle of inequality stemming from the fact that one British family is better and more worthy of privilege than any citizen of Canada, thanks to magical genes.

    It's much worse than that: the maple leaf on the bill… is an immigrant.

    Scientists believe the new design looks much more like the Norway maple than it does any of Canada's native species:

    "It's a species that's invasive in Eastern Canada and is displacing some of our native species, and it's probably not an appropriate species to be putting on our native currency," Blaney told CBC News.

    Maybe we could jump-start our economy by exporting some good old-fashioned American scandals to them. They seem to be in desperate need.

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