• Sometimes We Are All House Republicans

    This week House Republicans gathered at a former slave plantation in a conference room named after a prominent 18th century Virginia slave-owning family, the Burwells, to discuss their minority outreach efforts. Awk-ward!

    Almost as awkward as the fact that our nation's capital is named after a slave owner. Unfortunately, Democratic politicians — and even you, dear readers — will often end up in situations tied up with a loathsome piece of American history.

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    Many a liberal member of Congress has driven on Jefferson Davis Highway on their to cast votes in the Capitol. This highway should be torn down and the concrete recycled to form an enormous statue of William Tecumseh Sherman that could, on a clear day, be seen from every former Confederate state. Or we could just rename it.

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    Hey look, it's the House Democrats holding their 2009 retreat at the same former plantation used by Republicans. Weird how there are no dyspeptic progressive blog posts about this!

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    It may not be directly slavery-related, but Seersucker Thursday was an annual reminder that the Senate should be launched directly into the sun. Democrats and Republicans alike sported this Southern-est of fabrics.

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    Some GOP politicians enjoy hiking the Appalachian trail, but more than a few Tennessee Democrats have visited Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park, which named after the worst human being this side of Hitler. (Here is his Wikipedia page, okay?) (He was THE FIRST GRAND WIZARD OF THE KKK.)

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    Half of us went to high schools named after one slave-owning founding father or another. Sadly, they were probably much nicer than the high schools named after civil rights heroes.

    And yes, maybe we should rename the worst of these things and places. But until that happens, those of us who live in a slave-built country shouldn't be hurling politically-correct stones, especially since those stones were probably mined by slaves, or at least an indentured servant or something.

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