• The Best, Or Maybe It Is the Worst, of D.C. Inauguration Craigslist

    Inauguration ball date needed
    I want to go to an innauguration ball at the La'Plaza hotel. The ticket is like 85-100 bucks, the hotel room is like 250.00. I would like to dress up and go with a gentlemen that wants to go out with a classy, witty, woman to this event. I would like to get dressed up, meet you, dance and drink all night and then retire to the hotel room. I guarantee you will have a great time. I am not saying that sex is involved.

    Not only is she not saying sex is involved, this was listed under "Strictly Platonic," so there you have it. Strictly platonic retiring to the hotel room. Maybe she means actual retirement. Maybe this is an innovative lobbying effort from the AARP.

    **Barack Obama's Favorite!! DJ!!**
    When I am not shooting hoops with 44!!! I am DJ'ing Book me now for your Inauguration Party!!

    It seems unlikely that this DJ is BFFs with BO, and yet, among the "Special Themed Party Packages" he offers is a "Luau – Winter Luau Package." Luaus are in Hawaii. Think about it.

    Security Detail – w4m
    Wow! I came into DC from the west coast this last week to pick up tickets for the inauguration on Monday and I couldn't get over how many gorgeous cops and security officers there were guarding the delegates I had to meet with. [...] I can't believe how good looking and huge these guys are… They were towering over my 5'2" frame and could ravage me in a minute. Anyway, I will be in DC over the inaugural weekend and would love for one of these enormous officer-types to show me who's in control. Please include a pic in your response or I won't respond…I'm not shallow, I just don't have too much time to choose who will ravage me and put "ravage" in the title.

    Ravage. Ravaging. Ravager. Ravagation. Ravagacity. Ravagalicious. Also, what delegates?

    What are you wearing to the inauguration?
    I have some great Michelle Obama t-shirts for sale available in sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL or 3XL.

    Nobody wants to wear a t-shirt with Michelle Obama's face on it. We just want to talk about what Michelle Obama is wearing (a t-shirt with her own face on it??).

    We are a local agency actively recruiting in the DMV for talented WHITE FEMALE AND ANY MALE strippers ONLY for the upcoming inauguration. [...] We PREFER that they have experience with doing private parties and events or experience working in strip clubs.However, we are willing to train. We have many upcoming events that we need to fill ASAP. THIS IS NOT AN ESCORT SERVICE.


    Unarmed Security – Immediate Openings for Presidential Inauguration

    Nobama got your guns, already. That was fast.

    Excellent Licensed Massage Therapists $$- Inauguration and beyond
    Don't miss out to work this busy Inauguration season and beyond. We are hiring excellent, skilled and professional licensed massage therapists, particularly females practitioners based on demand, for an upscale professional out-call in Washington, DC for spa massage, in-room table massage and chair massage at law firms and businesses.

    THIS IS NOT AN- hmm.

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