• Barack Obama Competes Against Squirrel Appreciation Day

    Almost immediately after taking his ceremonial oath of office, President Obama signed a proclamation declaring today the "National Day of Hope and Resolve."

    Any new holiday is going to have trouble going up against a real federal holiday like Martin Luther King Day, but it turns out the National Day of Hope and Resolve has other competitors.

    In 2001 Christy McKeown, a wildlife rehabilitation expert from North Carolina, declared January 21 to be National Squirrel Appreciation Day. Though no official events are scheduled, McKeown says "you can help celebrate by putting out extra food for the squirrels."

    By a nutty coincidence — I celebrate National Squirrel day with rodent-related punnery — today is also National Hugging Day. Fortunately, the president is more than capable of celebrating that one:

    Sadly, today's inaugural luncheon did not do a good job of celebrating National Soup Month (yep, January).

    Photos by Oli Scarff/Getty Images News, Tim Graham/Getty Images News and Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg all via Getty Images

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