• Sexy Ladies Needed for Insider Trading Scheme

    Think there aren't enough jobs for recent college grads In These Tough Economic Times? Think again. Some intrepid soul has taken to backpage.com to prove naysayers wrong with the ad above.

    If you are a "beautiful, sophisticated" lady with a "sense of adventure," this totally above-board professional is willing to hire you to seduce businessmen in hopes of "extracting key pieces of information." Thanks, Obama!

    I know "Do they offer a matching 401(k) plan?" is every potential applicant's first question, because thinking about the future is important when facing a potential prison term. Sadly, there's no mention of benefits. But CNBC's John Carney does lay out some of the legal pitfalls with becoming a secret sex agent:

    The legality of trading on information intentionally extracted from a seduced businessman, in other words, would largely turn on his motivation for revealing the information and the length of the relationship. If he thinks he is just blowing off steam about a business deal to a one-night stand who was going to sleep with him anyway, this entire scheme wouldn't violate any insider trading rules.

    So you may be safe from the SEC as long as "secret sex agent" remains your limited-engagement, part-time job, but it's still not a recommended career path. Unless, you know, These Tough Economic Times get Tougher.

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