• Is This VW Super Bowl Ad Das Racist? [VIDEO]

    Volkswagen's entry in the high-stakes world of Super Bowl 2013 commercials features an office with the case of the Mondays that's transformed by the sunny disposition of a decidedly white colleague who speaks in an upbeat Jamaican patois.

    That green-light meeting must have been interesting, mon.

    Steve: So, we're okay with the Asian and white dude speaking in that accent?

    Gary: Bredda, every ting will be alll right. Wah yuh a duh worry bout dat?

    Steve: Please stop that, Gary.

    Allison: It's a smile-inducing ad!  Look, no one's going to associate our brand with racism.

    Steve: Our firm was founded by Nazis.

    Allison: Technically –

    Steve: Actual Nazis!

    Allison: Okay, yes. But when you put it that way, a little bit of cultural appropriation isn't going to be a problem, right?

    And thus an ad was born. (Seriously though–racist? Not racist? Racist? A bit racist?)

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