• Culture War Descends on Buffalo Wild Wings

    Say you're not a chicken-loving conservative who enjoys the deliciousness of a Gay People Don't Deserve to Be Happy Meal, which happens to be every meal at Chick-Fil-A. Instead, you're a liberal who wants to pair the flavor of Jammin' Jalapeno wing sauce with a side of moral righteousness on behalf of sensible gun control regulations.

    Thanks to Buffalo Wild Wings, these are two tastes that taste great together. Just in time for the Super Bowl, the chicken wing chain is drawing attention for signs posted on some franchises that forbid patrons from bringing guns inside the store, even in states with expansive concealed carry laws.

    Let's take a tour of the response this is drawing to the company's Facebook page:

    "It's your right to disarm your customers as is our right to go eat elsewhere from now on to prevent becoming a victim. I changed banks for the same reason."

    Man, why would a bank want to keep guns away from their tellers?

    "You just lost another customer with your posting of gun buster signs. As a law abiding citizen with a CHL I no longer feel safe in your establishment."

    I guess trivia nights can get pretty rowdy without an AR-15 to keep things in check.

    "I will drive up to HOOTERS to get my wings for the SuperBowl, Thank You very much!"

    That's basically a direct quote from Patrick Henry, right?

    Finally, some patrons were more sympathetic to the gun-free policy.

    "Thanks for making me feel safer in your establishment. For every person who says they will boycott you there will be more to replace them. Besides, they are liars. They like your wings better than their guns."

    Honestly, the vociferousness of the Buffalo Wild Wings Facebook debate is the best argument for not allowing guns inside Buffalo Wild Wings.

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