• 7 Things You Didn't Know About Mo Cowan

    Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick will appoint his former chief of staff, William "Mo" Cowan, to temporarily fill Senator John Kerry's seat once Kerry begins his tenure as the least meme-worthy Secretary of State of all time.

    Here's .0001% of the things you didn't know about Cowan:

    1. He exists.

    2. With a name like "Mo," he will help the Senate survive the departure of excellently-named Senators like Saxby Chambliss.

    3. He helped Mitt Romney assemble binders full of people of color when Romney "faced criticism for the lack of diversity in his judicial picks."

    4. His favorite TV shows include Modern Family and the BBC's Sherlock, endearing him to the Tumblr-ing demographic.

    5. If he was an Avengers hero, he says he'd be Hawkeye, which is a way better superhero than Interim Senator from Massachusetts.*

    6. He's the reason the Senate will have less Barney Frank, but Mo Cowan.

    7. He'll become the first ever African-American senator to serve alongside another African-American senator, Tim Scott, and only the 8th African-American senator in history because everything is terrible (but slowly getting better).


    * Although still the lamest Avenger. Does he not know about the Hulk?

    Photo via Mo Cowan/LinkedIn

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