• Tennessee's "Don't Say Gay" Bill Gets Worse

    Ever since Tennessee's widely-mocked "Don't Say Gay" bill died in the State House of Representatives, bill sponsor Senator Stacey Campfield has been busy drafting a new version that is "completely different" and "gets rid of some of the old perceptions" about the legislation.

    Among the "old perceptions" that have been completely debunked by the new draft is the idea that Campfield couldn't possibly come up with anything dumber than his original proposal. How wrong we were to doubt.

    Like the old version, the newly-introduced bill  prohibits the introduction of "course materials or other informational resources that are  inconsistent with natural human reproduction" for students in K-8.

    It gets worse. The bill also specifies that, while school counselors may respond to students' questions about homosexuality, "parents or legal guardians of students who receive such counseling shall be notified as soon as practicable that such counseling has occurred," a provision that amounts to "outing" gay students. Or at least outing curious students who ask difficult questions in class, which may be a worse crime in Campfield's world.

    You may ask, how can someone come up with legislation so packed with ignorance? The answer came on Martin Bashir's show, where Campfield defended another of his proposals, a plan to link welfare benefits with school grades, by explaining that he's not asking kids to be "rocket surgeons." And there you have it. The man's a state legislator, not a "rocket surgeon."

    Tennessee May Starve Children Until Their Grades Improve

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