• Scott Brown Says Bqhatevwr to Senate Run

    If former Senator Scott Brown's (R-MA) Twitter feed of last week was any indication, the great white hope of northeastern Republicans is going through a rough patch. That's a lot of listlessness and apathy for one morning.

    Turns out, among the things Brown is bqhatevwring about is the U.S. Senate:  he's announced he won't be entering this summer's special election to replace outgoing Sen. John Kerry (D-MA).

    That leaves Democrats with confidence that their preferred candidate, Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA), will have an easy time holding the election, since  potential GOP candidates include mostly yawn-inspiring names like former governor Bill "Walking Caricature of a New England WASP" Weld. Yet there's one person that could stand between Democrats and a MA Senate seat: Willard. Mitt. Romney.

    Already, a movement to draft Romney is gaining steam on Twitter. If only Romney didn't have a record of dodging those.

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