• 8 Senators Who Forgot That Women Vote

    Last night, the Senate overwhelmingly voted to consider reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. Overwhelmingly, but not unanimously. Eight Senators–all dudes–voted against reauthorization, having forgotten that the people most likely to suffer from domestic abuse or sexual violence also vote. Why, according to "numbers," they even make up a majority of the American electorate.

    Who are these dudes?

    Ted Cruz (R-TX): His voting record will make a lot more sense when Texas secedes.

    Mike Lee (R-UT): Utah, home 1.4 million women and one dude who voted against VAWA.

    Tim Scott (R-SC): A woman governor appointed you! This is a very Republican way of saying thanks.

    Marco Rubio (R-FL): At least this makes your Spotify playlist only your second-biggest embarrassment this week.

    Mike Johanns (R-NE): Sen. Deb Fischer (the other R-NE) needs to have a word with you.

    Rand Paul (R-KY): You've just earned the vote of some smelly mouthbreather who updates the "Ron Paul R4voluti0n" and "Misandry Is Real!" blogs from his basement. Hope it was worth it.

    Pat Roberts (R-KS): This dollar-store version of Bob Dole is not nearly as cool as the real Bob Dole.

    James Risch (R-ID): Congratulations on making us miss Larry Craig (R-ID).

    If this keeps up, the next version of VAWA is going to classify any contact between women and these Senators as an abusive relationship.

    The Violence Against Women Act: Who Needs It!

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