• If You Can Read This, You Might Live in America's Most Literate City

    Also, you're probably not from Bakersfield, California. That city placed last in an annual study of 75 large American cities aimed at ranking "America's Most Literate Cities."

    The study, by Central Connecticut State University president John Miller, is based on data that includes the number of bookstores, library resources, newspaper circulation, Internet access and educational attainment.

    To the top 10:

    10. Portland, Oregon – Would have done even better if you guys stopped pickling your organic produce and spent more time at your feminist bookstores.

    9. St. Louis, Missouri – You guys beat those liberal snobs from San Francisco (#11)!

    8. Atlanta, Georgia – The city that's capable of actually reading all those amazing writers the South produces.

    7. Boston, Massachusetts - At least they're making up for their inability to tawk. And drive.

    6. St. Paul, Minnesota – This is what happens when it's always winter.

    5. Denver, Colorado – We'll see how this holds post-marijuana legalization. "Have you ever looked at this book? No, I mean REALLY looked at it."

    4. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – I have encountered Penguins fans, so I'm skeptical, but the numbers are the numbers.

    3. Minneapolis, Minnesota – Take that, St. Paul!

    2. Seattle, Washington – See Denver.

    1. Washington, DC – Number one three years in a row! Nerds!

    ps. Sorry for calling you out like that, Bakersfield. Even sorrier you can't read this apology.

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