• Pastor Apologizes for Praying With Muslims and Jews

    What horrific thing did Reverend Rob Morris of Newtown, Connecticut's Christ the King Lutheran Church do that would merit an apology to his church leaders?

    Was it the same crime we always associate with religious clergy who are forced to apologize?

    No! And in a sense, it's refreshing to read about a religious figure making an apology for something other than knowing defenseless children in the biblical sense. But in another sense, this story is extra-depressing, because Morris's sin was participating in an interfaith vigil following the shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown.

    The Sunday after the Newtown tragedy, a rabbi, a pastor, an imam and a Catholic cardinal walked into a prayer vigil. The punchline: the pastor was a member of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod–the kinds of Lutherans Garrison Keillor didn't warn us about!–which prohibits ministers from participating in services with members of different faiths. Morris apologized after being reprimanded from LCMS president Matthew Harrison.

    Theological judgments aren't my thing, but I'm pretty sure "ministering to distraught community" is about 100% more Jesus-y than "reprimanding said minister for praying with a Jew."

    Presbyterians Are Awesome!

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