• Dick Cheney Loves Obama's Drones

    In what may be a side-effect from a transplanted heart–his first ever!–Dick Cheney had something nice to say about the Obama Administration.

    Which of Barack Obama's policies does Cheney agree with? If you guessed that he really enjoys the killer flying robots and nothing else, then you earn zero trivia points, because of course he enjoys the killer flying robots and nothing else.

    "I think it's a good program and I don't disagree with the basic policy that the Obama administration is pursuing now in those regards," Cheney told CBS host Charlie Rose, in reference to the U.S. drone program.

    This follows the statement of Bush-era UN ambassador John "Hot Mustache" Bolton, who noted, "[T]he approach that the Obama administration is following is consistent with and really derived from the Bush administration approach to the War on Terror, and I think it is entirely sensible."

    It's amazing: the Bush Administration has been out of power for over four years, and they're still torturing people. Except now their victims are Obama supporters who have to deal with the brain-exploding cognitive dissonance of being on the same side as Cheney and Bolton.

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