• Five Things to Celebrate Besides Valentine's Day

    Roses are red, violets are blue, but if you're a nerd who knows they're actually violet, Valentine's Day is not the holiday for you.

    Good thing there are so many other occasions to celebrate if you're not falling for the romance-industrial complex:

    South Carolina voter
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    On this day in 1899, Congress approved the use of voting machines for use in federal elections. Mark the occasion by standing for three hours in the line of your choice.

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    On this day in 1912, Arizona became the 48th state. Celebrate by asking Arizona to show its statehood certificate.

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    The United States Department of Commerce and Labor was established on this day in 1903. Celebrate by learning the name of the (Acting) Secretary of Commerce. Hint: it's not Gary Locke any more!

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    Today is Mayor Michael Bloomberg's 71st birthday. You're allowed to eat 71 hot dogs in celebration, but you'll have to wash them down with an eight-ounce soda.

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    James K. Polk became the first president to have his photograph taken on this day in 1849. Commemorate the moment with an Instagram of all those hot dogs you ate for Bloomberg's birthday.

    A Special Valentine for Hillary Fans

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