• Law and Order Candidate Charged With Stealing Beer

    Remember Dale Peterson, the Republican candidate for Alabama Agriculture Commissioner who released one of the greatest campaign ads of 2010, attacking the "thugs and criminals" that "don't give a rip" about the state? According to Walmart security, he's one of those criminals, charged with shoplifting beer from a Hoover, Alabama store…

    Peterson, 67, said he and his wife, Kathy, had friends coming over to watch a football game, and he went to pick up supplies. He said he got ready to check out with less than $40 worth of merchandise, but he had to go to the restroom badly. "I had to go when I went in the store," he said.

    Peterson said he rolled his shopping cart past the cash registers, parked it outside the restroom, and got stopped by store security when he emerged from the restroom. He said he never left the store, and he didn't know it was considered shoplifting "once you pass the cash registers."

    Walmart is one of the world's most powerful corporations, but I'm still amazed at the things they can do — like make me totally sympathize with a conservative Alabama Republican.

    Photo by Andrew Unangst/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

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