• Sarah Palin Is Ready for You to Listen to Her Talk Again

    She hasn't been away from Fox News long enough to shake the smell of Neil Cavuto's hair gel, and already Sarah Palin is rushing back into the spotlight.

    In what will probably be a more subdued affair than last year's, the former governor will speak at the Group Strategy Session for Not Being So Bad at Politics, otherwise known as the CPAC

    The American Conservative Union on Monday announced that the former governor and vice presidential contender will address the Conservative Political Action Conference next month.

    Is this a signal that she may seek the presidency in 2016? If it were any other high-profile politician, I'd say yes. But it's Sarah Palin, so it could just mean she thought up a new synonym for "going rogue" and wants to give it a whirl.

    Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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