• Indiana Offers Two Vagina Inspections for the Price of One Abortion

    What makes an Indiana proposal that would force women to have a freedom wand inserted into their ladyparts before they can have an abortion different from all the other proposals to require pre-abortion trans-vaginal ultrasounds?

    The difference, bargain shoppers, is in the value. Most other states only make vagina-having adults go through one invasive and medically unnecessary procedure. But thanks to legislation that just passed the Indiana Senate's Health and Provider Services Committee, Indiana could soon require clinics to give women two trans-vaginal freedom screenings: one before undergoing a chemically-induced abortion and one immediately after.

    But wait! There's more!

    This bill also comes with a free gift of incredible logic, courtesy of Indiana Right to Life legislative director Sue Swayze:

    "I got pregnant vaginally. Something else could come in my vagina for a medical test that wouldn't be that intrusive to me. So I find that argument a little ridiculous."

    Speak for yourself, lady. All the women I know are pretty sure that having consensual sexytime with a partner of their choice doesn't require them to have not-so-sexytime with the government of Indiana.

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