• Can You Smell What Glenn Beck Is Cooking? [VIDEO]

    The feud between World Wrestling Entertainment and Glenn Beck is shaping up to be the hardcore battle royale of the decade. In one corner stands a caricature with a monomaniacal determination to remain in character as he entertains an audience hungry for crude story lines.

    In the other corner is a professional wrestler.

    Hostilities began when the WWE introduced two new antagonists to its Monday Night Raw lineup: a Tea Party-inspired baddie named Jack Swagger and his racist manager Zeb Colter.

    Naturally, Beck smelled a progressive conspiracy, writing:

    In one of the more bizarre slams on the Tea Party to date, the WWE decided to create a villain who just happens to be a racist Tea Partier. It's an especially bizarre move because the WWE audience is mainly middle America and thus likely largely made up of conservatives… So may I ask: Did George Soros buy the WWE? Is this a Cass Sunstein presentation?

    Right, because nothing says Taipei Deathmatch like an 82-year-old financier and the Harvard academic Cass "Empirically Informed Regulation" Sunstein.

    The WWE invited Beck to appear on Raw and explain his position, but–like the true fighter he is–he refused, so it may be a while before they can settle this with a steel cage match.

    We're waiting, though. We're waiting.

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