• Poll: Food Fight!

    peanut butter and honey sandwich

    Like horse meat, political disagreements can turn up in unexpected places. Take Americans' food choices. According to a new PPP survey, Democrats and Republicans can't even agree on how to get fat:

    * By a small margin (43 to 41), Republicans believe Olive Garden is "a quality source of authentic ethnic food." Meanwhile, a plurality of Democrats have actually been to an Olive Garden.

    * In the fried-chicken wars, Democrats like KFC better than Chick-Fil-A (39 to 18) while Republicans prefer Chick-Fil-A's Gays Shouldn't Be Happy Meals over KFC (48 to 29).

    *Democrats respect vegans (48 percent favorability rating). Republicans are ready to Gitmo those hippies (31 percent favorability).

    *Overall 54 percent of respondents said they'd be willing to pay more for their restaurant meals if it meant employees could receive health insurance. Democrats (72 percent) are much more likely to swallow those cost increases compared to Republicans (41 percent).

    The poll also exposed a gender gap in Americans' face-stuffing preferences:

    * While dinner emerged as the most popular meal overall, 35 percent of women selected breakfast as their favorite meal compared to 25 percent of men.

    * Men prefer donuts (37 percent selected as their favorite) and bagels (36 percent), while women are all about the croissants (30 percent, compared to 19 percent of men). Fancy!

    Somehow, there are 9 percent of Americans who don't like donuts, bagels OR croissants and 15 percent who don't like pancakes, French toast or waffles. Seriously?

    Democrat or Republican, man or woman, at least we can unite against these "Americans" who hate happiness.

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