• Michele Bachmann: Who Needs Feminism When We Have Jesus?

    Michele Bachmann suspends her campaignPraise be to the gods of comedy, she has risen!

    Michele Bachmann has returned from a long stretch of silence to grace us with a speech at Patrick Henry College, where she touted the flawlessness of her failed presidential campaign:

    "I was very proud of the fact that I didn't get anything wrong that I said during the course of the debates. I didn't get anything wrong and that's a huge arena," she said.

    Okay, Michele. Show us how you don't get anything wrong.

    Asked if any good came from feminism, Bachmann said that realizing that "women are valuable and that women should be listened to is very important." However, she continued, "But in my opinion, that wasn't feminism, that was Jesus Christ who did that. Because Jesus Christ did more to lift up women…We didn't need the 1960s to tell us that, all you have to do is read Proverbs 31."

    Nope! No! Bzzzzzt! Proverbs is in the Old Testament! Jesus is the dude that comes much later!

    Sorry. You can't brag about getting nothing wrong and then make a dumb mistake in the same speech. There needs to be a special word for this.

    Bachmanning (v): The act of undermining one's own claim to intellectual ability within a humorously short time of making said claim.

    Everyone, please remember to use this word correctly. You too, Rep. Bachmann.

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