• 7 Delicious Surprises Found in Food This Week

    From a knife in a birthday cake to metal fragments in breakfast biscuits, this week people have found a lot of weird surprises lurking in their chow.

    This might be the first time in history when Americans have been angry about getting free stuff.

    The Food: IKEA Meatballs
    Ingredient That Doesn't Belong: Horsemeat
    Solution(s): A) Admit you love the taste of horsemeat, B) Consider another furniture store for your dining needs, C) Take a tenth of time you'd waste assembling an IKEA chair and assemble your own dinner.

    The Food: King Arthur Flour
    Ingredient That Doesn't Belong: "Small (7-9 mm) blue polyurethane balls"
    Solution: Makes a festive addition to The Hickenlooper Fracking cocktail.

    The Food: Taco Bell Ground Beef
    Ingredient That Doesn't Belong: Horsemeat
    Solution: Admit you were expecting a lot worse.

    The Food: Elmo birthday cake purchased from a Maine Walmart
    Ingredient That Doesn't Belong: A small paring knife
    Solution: Dude, you got a free knife!

    The FoodFood Club Red Enchilada Sauce
    Ingredient That Doesn't Belong: Food Club Green Enchilada Sauce
    Solution: Initiate a voluntary recall because Americans cannot survive without vital nutrients like "red."

    The Food: Danish Pizzas
    Ingredient That Doesn't Belong: Horsemeat, again.
    Solution: Someone check to make sure Rafalca is okay, please?

    The FoodbelVita Breakfast Biscuit product, Apple Cinnamon and Chocolate varieties
    Ingredient That Doesn't Belong: "Fragments of flexible metal mesh"
    Solution: Sequester funding for the FDA so the government can't ruin the fun. I want my fragments of metal mesh to be a surprise, Obama!

    Photo by John Moore/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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