• President Obama Gets Budget Chief From Walmart

    Groceries. Radial tires. Cabinet-level political appointees.

    There's nothing you can't get from Walmart, as proven by President Obama this morning, when he nominated Walmart Foundation head Sylvia Mathews Burwell to bring the "Save Money, Live Better" spirit to the Office of Management and Budget. (If this ends with Joe Biden handing out smiley face stickers at the West Wing entrance, we'll know she's gone too damn far.)

    Burwell's resume includes a position in the Treasury Department during the Clinton years, a previous stint at OMB and being the only thing President Obama could have gotten from Walmart that wasn't made in China.

    Nor will Burwell be the only veteran of corporate America to join the great socialist conspiracy in Obama's cabinet. Interior Secretary nominee Sally Jewell was CEO of sporting-goods store REI before backpacking her way to Washington, DC.

    At this point, Ben and Jerry are going to feel very left out if one of them doesn't get to run something in Washington. Is there a Department of Watching Movies at Home Alone While Crying?

    Photo by Daniel Aguilar/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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