• Dammit, Dennis Rodman, We Trusted You

    We gave you one job, Dennis Rodman, ONE job. And by "we," I mean you gave yourself the task of traipsing off to North Korea to party with Kim Jong-un. And this is the best you could do?

    North Korea threatened on Tuesday to scrap an armistice that ended the 1950-53 civil war and sever a military "hotline" with the United States if South Korea and Washington pressed on with two-month-long war games.

    This is going to put a crimp in our plans to send Ron Artest to Iran and make Jose Canseco our diplomatic envoy to Venezuela. Nevertheless, there's at least one American who sees the next Richard Holbrooke in The Worm…

    "It's probably better than what we have," [Donald] Trump told Fox News. "If you look at the world, the world is blowing up around us. Maybe Dennis is better than what we have."

    This has got to chill Rodman to the core. He can go to North Korea, break bread — possibly the country's only bread! — with one of the world's worst dictators, and he's still not America's biggest attention whore.

    Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

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